Jon Levischi (born April 13, 1987) is a Brazilian heavy metal drummer, best known as live performance sideman for bands in São Paulo.



Levischi was born and raised in São Paulo, descendant of German-Austrian and Italians. Picking up the drums at age 7, inspired by artists like Eric Singer and Mike Portnoy, he began playing with friends and eventually hit the club scene while still a child doing his first gig before he was 10 for hundreds of people.

In 1995 he formed his first band named by Skull. In the same year he joined two friends from school forming a band called Bricks, playing songs from bands like Kiss, Ramones, Twisted Sisters and more, doing gigs in nearby towns.

In 1997, he made a solo presentation at ExpoMusic - International Music Fair impressing the audience and exhibitors from some brands when he was 10, so he got invited to perform in some booths at the event.

At 13 he had started playing in nightclubs in São Paulo and nearby states.

In 2002, he started teaching drum lessons for some friend and people they recommended as a way to make money to improve his setup.

Levischi participated in 2003 in the formation of another band called BlackThorn. In the same year he joined Made In Hell, recording their debut EP named One By One when he was 16 years old. In the following years until 2007, many tracks were recorded, but the band never put out any official release.

Since then, Levischi worked with many bands as member and sideman for shows.

In the beginning of 2008 after spending January and February living in Argentina for musical/cultural purposes he returned to Brazil and started a project with Zaidan (bass player) named Royal Flush based on western melodies mixed with hard rock. In May of the same year he joined Temple Of Sin and then Sagitta.

In December of 2009 Levischi joined Seventh Seal, performing shows in Brazil in the following months. During March and April of 2010 they realized European leg of Insanitour.

From 2010 to 2014 he recorded a few bands in his studio named ChAoS Studios.

In 2012 Jon became member of Megaira, recording an EP and pre-production of their debut album with heavy and fast riffs, classical orchestration and Greek mythology themes in its lyrics.

In February 20th, 2013 he got back to live performances with a band named Rygel. In March of the same year they put out the acoustic promo clip of the track Leave Me Alone.

In 2014 Levischi left the band, sold his studio, taking a two years break in his career.

2016 marked his return to stages as sideman for tribute bands in São Paulo.

At 29 he was internationally certified in Audio and Acoustics Fundamentals by IAV - Instituto de Áudio e Vídeo in São Paulo.

Early in 2017 he was asked to join The Forest for a couple of shows. In May he was invited to join Setfire but ended up declining.

At the age of 30, he was internationally certified in Mixing - Mix In A Box also by the IAV - Instituto de Áudio e Vídeo of São Paulo.

In August 12th, 2017, Diego Inhof invited Jon Levischi to join Eutenia and things are in motion since then.

Over the years he has worked along with Skull, Bricks, BlackThorn, Made In Hell, Temple Of Sin, Sagitta, Seventh Seal, Megaira, Rygel, The Forest, Eutenia, shared stages with Sepultura, NX Zero, Viper, Andre Matos, Confessori, Tuatha de Danann, Andromeda, Ulysses and many others, and was invited to be sideman by Nordic Empire, MortiNear, Lost Tales, Hatefull, Sandalphon7, Mighty Wizard, Adrenalize, MadHouse, Royal Flush, Choke Silence, Transfixion, Of The Archaengel, Envoid, Redammen, Eniggma, Terminal Illusion, DevilDust, Carpatus, Comes From The Hatred, 40 Reasons, After:Life, Aetherea, Setfire, Warred.


Personal Life

Levischi had some piano lessons at 6 from his mother who was a pianist player. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was 8 and died from pleural effusion after losing verbal and motor responses and consciousness at her last months. His father also died from cancer a few years later.

In his youth he won swimming titles as well as being nominated best hitter of the season for his high amount of homeruns in baseball.

While teenager he practiced Judo for a couple of years and later Kenjutsu (Miyamoto Musashi’s swordsmanship style) at Instituto Niten. Took acting classes from 2003 to 2004 at Oficina dos Menestréis theatre company. He also received dubbing certification at BKS (Bodham Kostiw Studios) in 2004.

He has bachelor's degree in Technology and Administration as well as certification in some coding languages and published an article about Artificial Intelligence applied in the education of the physically handicapped.

For most part of his life, Levischi managed his own IT company having Non-Governmental Organizations and particular companies in Brazil and United States as clients.

He volunteers in Non-Governmental Organizations for animal rights since 2012. Became vegetarian in 2008 and later vegan.


Previous Bands

Skull, Bricks, Made In Hell, Temple Of Sin, Sagitta, Seventh Seal, Megaira, Rygel, The Forest, Eutenia.